The Strata Group

The Strata Group is a forward-thinking real estate team motivated by results and inspired by its people.

Unlike other teams, we prioritize our agents as well as our homeowners. We know our people make the magic happen, and their customers deserve the very best. By doing everything we can to make what's good for us, good for our agents and their customers, we've built a business that operates like a family. The result? Motivated agents and delighted homeowners.

Consistent growth has contributed to our reputation as an innovative, responsive and fully engaged team. We prioritize our agents by investing in their future, providing them with the tools they need to feel equipped to lead. As they grow, so does their reach, bringing more joy and satisfaction to homeowners. We call this the Strata Effect.

Strata is dedicated to creating value that raises the industry standard. Our collaborative spirit & relentless pursuit of growth will allow us to achieve our goals. We are committed to enriching the lives of those we serve. We will succeed because we refuse to let our clients fail.